Maxx Models Styling Services


My career in fashion started with dressing mannequins, which progressed to owning a boutique, and dressing customers and models.  Fashion has always been my passion.   Couple that with my desire to help women feel and look their best while being their most confident brought me to my current inspiration: Maxx Models Style.  A personal stylist service that will include the following:

CONSULTATION: $50  At this consult, we will exchange ideas on fashion, comfortability, fashion trends, lifestyle, and personal preferences so I can get an overall picture of the look you want.

LOOKBOOK: $100  I will put together a personalized “Look Book” for you along with visuals giving suggestions and advice on what you need to look for when shopping, what to look for when searching for the most flattering fit, and how to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe so you can look fashion forward.

SHOPPING: $150  I will go shopping with you and take you to my favorite stores where I will procure a discount for you or take you to your favorite stores. I will assist you in choosing outfits that are the most flattering and help you incorporate trends into your look. If you have a special occasion or a vacation coming up, I will help you choose appropriately so you can look inspired and feel confident.

   ALL IN:  If you choose all these services, I will include 6 texts or calls to me asking my assistance when choosing outfits.

You may choose any service individually, but for the best result all the services work together. All services together total $300, but if you choose this option, you will receive a 15% discount bringing the total for all services to $255.

Looking forward to helping you achieve your special, individual best look!

Holly Bell, Owner Maxx Models & Talent