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Holly Bell                                            802                        5/20/24

Easy Breezy Summer!

Summer Vacation Inspirations!

One of the best things about vacationing is the anticipation! A great rule of thumb is to keep it simple! It’s so refreshing to have easy, effortless pieces that work together making dressing for your destination quick and easy. Versatility is also important. Choose clothing that can be used in several ways, such as a pashmina scarf that can be used to for a shoulder wrap in air conditioning, or a bathing suit cover up that you tie around your waist or folded up for a pillow on your flight!

Tropical prints in vibrant colors are all about celebrating the natural beauty of the season. Vivid colors pack a punch bringing an energy and vibrancy to your outfit. Exotic prints get you in the vacation mindset. Some gorgeous ones to choose from this year feature lush greenery of the tropics or vivid colors of the sunset. These prints are irresistible and whimsical reminders of escaping to paradise. Your summer fashion lineup could include a crocheted piece. Designers have been embracing the   handcrafted art of crochet. The intricate beauty and design is so versatile and statement making. It bridges the gap between tradition and modern-day fashion.

Ever present in wearability is the athleisure wear movement that began in the covid era. High performance fabrics and relaxed silhouettes are a no brainer for vacation wear and look as good for streetwear as in the gym. The modern woman needs flexibility for her busy lifestyle and that includes the need to look fashionable and still maintain comfort. Comfort has been at the forefront of fashion for the past few years and has inspired many wonderful wearable trends. A favorite is the long, flowy, breezy pant. This pant in a linen blend, lightweight gauze, or cotton blend is a perfect go to for vacation. Cool, packable, and versatile, baggy bottoms will be at the height of this summer’s fashion trends. One thing to keep in mind when putting this silhouette together is to wear a more form fitting top. There must be some definition between the top and bottom whether it is tucking the top in or belting a top for a flattering look.

I recently visited a store that featured all neutrals. Boring? just the opposite! I wanted to put the entire store in my closet!  There is something understated yet elegant about dressing in neutrals. It creates a vibe that is not only fresh but sophisticated and classy. Neutrals offer a timeless look that transcends trend. Never out of fashion, neutrals are perfect for a vacation look that ensures all your pieces are cohesive and your look is elegant.

Elegance, simplicity, and comfort describe another favorite for the season. The Maxi-Dress features a flowy silhouette in a lightweight fabric. This style offers a respite from the heat along with a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. And what about white? White keeps you cool as it reflects sunlight away and offers a never-ending fresh look that is always appropriate. You can’t go wrong packing a couple of white tees along with a white dress for your vacation. A few all-white pieces will set the stage for a wide range of looks.

People are often in a quandary about what accessories to bring on vacation. One rule of thumb is to leave your valuables at home. Choose a small gold band in place of your diamond wedding ring. Instead of heavy jewelry, choose a pair of gold loop earrings or a pair of white pearl studs.

An extra-large tote is a functional necessity and a fashion statement of the moment. Perfect for the beach or for packing your must-haves for the journey, an oversize tote can handle it all. One hint is to include a tiny, cross body bag in your tote for those moments you prefer to not carry a heavy bag and can do a quick switch while leaving your large tote in the hotel room.

Summer vacation will be full of adventures and surprises and in order to be happy and comfortable with this in mind, invest in a pair of cute comfortable white sneakers. Perfectly acceptable with summer dresses, shorts, pants or really, any outfit looks cute with white sneaks. In the shoe department, a second necessity is a pair of comfortable walking sandals with a good arch support. Choose a neutral color from the brown color palette. This works well with anything. I especially love footwear that are skin toned, lengthening your legs. And finally, throw in a pair of waterproof flip-flops. You will be happy to have them at the pool or beach or just for stepping out of the shower.

This year’s summer resort wardrobe should capture a laid-back vibe, while enjoying comfort, fun and embracing your personal style. Happy vacation!