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It’s Time to Sparkle!

Holiday Trends to Lift Your Spirits!


Candles, baking aromas, sparkle and glitter, beautiful music along with frosted windows and roaring fires. Time to start thinking about how to look and feel fabulous for your Holiday events this year! We pretty much skipped this part of the merry making last year so we are ready to make up for it. This season will be a balancing act between the comfort-loving clothing we have come to prefer, and the dressier styles made for social events. And I am loving the softer fabrics with stretch, that designers are offering.  It makes you wonder how you lived without them. We will never go back to stiff, confining clothing again!

My go to party options have always begun with the following options: A great pair of black pants and a sparkly top or a one and done dress or jumpsuit. Now let’s break these down so they work for today’s women who love comfort, plus style.

Black pants are a terrific beginning, I have at least 10 different styles myself. For Holiday-wear, I purchased a flowy pair of harem pants with an elastic waist. You cannot get any more comfortable, plus it’s a fun glamorous style. If you are not familiar with harem pants, they are full and usually silky with a tight ankle.  Another funky option is a wide leg pant with a wide band at the waist. Again, you can’t beat the comfort and elegance of this style. Paired with a sparkly top says “Party” all season long. There will be gorgeous selections with a variety of the sparkle factor and sequins will be strong, along with silky soft metallic fabrics.

The voluminous sleeve is particularly on trend this year, along with a structured padded shoulder. Belts are making a strong comeback and are fun to try. I particularly like the look of a flowy blouse-front tucked showing off a decorative belt buckle. Top that off with long dangly earrings and shoes with a little heel. Gorgeous, simple, and comfy! Then finish your look with a little red lipstick. Really terrific. Wearing black and white and red is always a signature color of the holidays.


Maybe you prefer the one and done dress or jumpsuit. Of course, the little black dress is a great option, but how do you bring it into looking current? You may think of them as grandma’s favorite, but in fact, pearls are back this season with a little update. Layers of pearls along with long, teardrop pearl earrings were dominating the Holiday jewelry collections. Pearls mixed with gold is a stunning new look for winter.  We have reached the burn out point of tiny minimalistic jewelry, so designers are going toward maximalism! It may take a while for it to catch on, but big bling is on its way once again. Gold chains are cool again, with Chanel inspired necklaces, earrings and as accessories on handbags and belts.

Party dresses are another fun and easy option. Just put that special dress on and you feel pretty! Standouts will be brightly colored this year with red, purple, and royal blue being popular. Beautiful and elegant are gold, winter white, and taupe. Want to turn heads? Wear winter white! In a sea of black, you will stand out! Any length that looks good on you is perfect.

Of course, there will be casual get togethers also. Perk up your favorite jeans with a soft, oversized sweater in red, white, or any color that has a metallic thread for a little fun flair. Switch out your everyday carryall bag for a pretty envelope purse with a chain strap. Add a dressy black boot and dangle earrings to complete your look. I also love the look of the new top and pant/sweater combos. Warm and comfortable for Christmas Eve or morning but with a pulled together cozy freshness. Casual is comfortable and comfortable is good!

Want to put together a look with what you already own? Take a minute to sort out all the red, black, and white pieces in your closet and get creative putting them together. Indulge in a little sparkly jewelry and switch out your everyday handbag for something a little festive. Add a dressy shoe or boot and you will look and feel Holiday worthy.

Let’s enjoy the wonderful world around us as we welcome the Holiday season but not forget to take a moment to relax and enjoy them rather than rushing about trying to please everyone. Take some time to make yourself feel special. Our families and friends will still enjoy us even if everything is not perfect. Planning is key. We know we are happiest when we know we look good, feel confident and are in control.

Happy Holidays!