Holly’s Fashion News


Think colorful and cozy!

Temperatures may still be on the warm side, but soon they will transform into a cool breeze and cute outfits for fall will become top of mind. Neutral tones have been trending for a few seasons now and are always classy. But at some point, we will  be craving something other than gray. This fall get ready for a little optimism all around as the trendsetters go for full on saturated shades for fall. We will be seeing the color dial turned up on everything from to cobalt blue to highlighter orange and red. These statement colors will pack a colorful punch. To highlight these gorgeous brights, black is back and bold as ever! Let’s face it, we all look and feel good in black, and when paired with a winter bright, it is a dynamic contrast that is sure to create head turning looks!

If any lesson was learned from the year 2020, it’s that if given the choice, customers will choose to be comfortable every time! We love soft, stretch fabrics and even though we are not living in yoga clothing anymore, we are spoiled with the comfort trend. Designers have taken this to heart and are offering a plethora of fabrics that we will love to wear. From softly tailored blazers and pants to cloud-soft sweaters, look for everything that is super soft and stretchy! No sweats here, label favorites have refined these comfy styles bringing slimming cuts to their designs. Fabrics may be plush and somewhat oversized, but the silhouettes are flattering. Cozy never looked so good!

Overall, for this comfort loving clothing we need equally comfortable outerwear. The puffer coat has been gaining momentum for a few winter seasons and there is no stopping it now. Most often purchased in previous years in black or beige, get ready for some fun new intonations! Treat yourself to a bright purple or a leopard puffer or go all out fun for bright red to go along with falls’ colorful trend.  Personally, I was against looking “puffy” when the trend began a few years ago, but since then have discovered why people love them! First, they are lightweight and super warm. Traveling to Chicago one blustery winter in a long wool coat that was warm but also a heavyweight, I ended up purchasing a puffer and have not turned back!  Make it midi! The midi length looks great over all hemlines and pants.  Especially the current on trend wide pant.  Besides looking elegant, super warm, and cozy, your first purchase when the weather turns blustery should be a midi puffer coat in a fun color!

Of course, you will need a jacket too for those in between weather days. You can’t beat a classic leather jacket. Whether vegan or leather, the classic leather jacket will always be in style. Choices are endless, with fun loving zippers on cropped edgy moto jackets, to a hip length tailored buttery soft leather three-quarter jacket. The humble leather jacket has both timeless appeal and credibility in spades. It will be offered in fall’s gorgeous, saturated colors which would be a fun choice rather than classic black  Choose your leather jacket wisely and it will last a lifetime and won’t be made irrelevant by ever changing trend cycles! Weigh your options keeping in mind genuine leather will last longer than vegan but on the other hand, vegan is much less expensive.

Underneath your cute colorful puffer or timeless leather jacket arrive some fabulous new trends that were born in the 80’s. Fun to see again is a lot of gold.  Whether in the form of shiny embellishments adorning a top or a super wide belt with a big gold buckle.  Or think handbag, sporting a shiny gold closure and gold chain strap. Even patterned tights are making a comeback if you dare! Mixing these elements with the comeback statement piece, the  chunky gold necklace and oversized earrings creates a dramatic vibe. Keep in mind, long earrings are great for elongating your face and worn with a gold chain belt on a favorite black dress will bring your style up a notch!

The most important cue from the designers this year is timeless wearability and comfort. With a few new twists but always with an ease of comfort, there is nothing not to like about this year’s fall fashion. Time to clean out that closet again and welcome those rich, cozy, fall feeling fabrics that are super soft and plush this year. There is something about fall, cooler temperatures and the changing of the seasons  that makes us want to refresh everything inside and outside.  From our wardrobes, our make-up, even our throw pillow on our sofa! Fall is the time to hit the refresh button!