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As we say goodbye to warmer temperatures, we love getting cozy with the new fall and winter outerwear trends. Faux fur will be the bomb this year. Trim a coat in it and immediately it seems more luxurious. Faux fur will be available in a huge variety of colors and textures. One of the cuddliest is the “teddy effect”. Fur that is curly, dense, and soft to the touch much like your well-loved vintage teddy bear.  Popular and widely available as a trim for collars and cuffs or an all over “teddy” look in a more casual short jacket, you will start seeing this fun new look everywhere. Have fun with some new color choices too. Instead of the usual black and brown, choose a pink, ivory or copper. You will be warm and stylish. Speaking of faux, genuine, and faux leather are always a warm mainstay for winter and never go out of style. Style points this year for the trench coat. It is classic and understated and a great tasteful option that you will wear for years to come.

For those of us in the colder areas, a puffer coat is a necessity and has been the choice for several seasons. At first, I was not crazy about them, but with each passing season they seem to be getting more fashion forward. Choose one that has an hourglass shape to it rather than a big square. You still want to have a shape and not look like a marshmallow, so belted puffers are very flattering.  I have relented and purchased one with a fur trimmed hood to be protected from the elements when venturing out in the cold.

For more dressier occasions or if puffer or faux fur is not your style, consider a sophisticated long wool coat. There is nothing classier than a blazer style long coat. It adds a stylish tailored upscale look to whatever is underneath. Neutral tones for fall are prominent this year in both coats and what to wear underneath. One of the best fresh and new color combinations is wearing all neutrals with a pale blue twist. Try a taupe sweater and style it with pale blue accessories. So chic! Neutral tones are so wearable and look good on everyone’s skin tone. Try wearing an all monochromatic outfit with animal print boots, but instead of the normal choice of a brown handbag, add a pale blue handbag. A stunning and unusual pairing that is up to the minute trendy. A camel colored long tailored wool coat will never go out of style.

Many of us will be sporting cute jackets this fall. It is fun to layer up jackets to be both cozy and stylish. Take for instance, the “boyfriend blazer”. It is longer, boxier, and more oversized than a classic blazer. So versatile with jeans to add a polished look, or with tailored pants for a suit-like look. Another jacket look that is trending is the belted look. A belt over a longer jacket easily adds style points! The leather moto jacket is another must have look. Style it with a long or short dress, high-waisted jeans, or tailored pants. It’s so versatile and always hip! Some fabrics just need a little style reinvention to make them look fresh. Some tried and true jacket fabrics you will see this year are corduroy, fleece, and shearling. You may have one of these in your closet already! Who knew it would be back in 2020!

With all these chic coats, jackets, sweaters and pants you need the perfect accessory! This is the year of the newest most worn accessory for all. The Mask! Rather than a basic utilitarian essential, designers have come up with so many cute ones to match every outfit! If we must wear one, why not make it fashionable and cute? Another fun accessory that has been born from the mask, is the mask chain! Why not? It’s perfect for those on and off mask shopping trips. The coolest ones look like an animal print and chain, rolled into one!  Don’t worry, everything fun this fall is not pandemic related. There will be plenty of other new accessory looks available including, hats from retro berets to wide brim wool hats, ladylike purses, and finally, the return of statement jewelry! Chanel inspired gold chunky chains are everywhere. They dress up absolutely everything! You will find earrings, bracelets, and necklaces all in various chain looks.

Time to clean up that closet and put some fabulous, layered outfits together! Start with a thin, fitted piece, and layer over, making sure the previous layer shows somewhere. Get outdoors while you can in your cozy attire and enjoy the cooler temps and the beauty of the changing landscape.

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