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Fashion 802 9/24/18
From the Runway to Real Life,
Your Winter Personal Trend Report

Just returning from a late fall vacation which covered over 6 states (shopping in each and every one) and putting together a fall televised fashion show has made me acutely aware of what is really going on in the stores for fall trends 2018. Most of the top runway styles are tweaked to make them more wearable for the everyday person, while others are ignored. I am happy to say that there is something fresh for everyone this year.
Porter magazine is calling it “Modern Matrix”, and it is all about leather or vegan leather. Stylish separates are featured in stores along with the expected leather outerwear. There is a smorgasbord this season in beautiful black, but also in colorful shades of neutrals and jewel tones if you prefer a lighter touch. Leather pants feature a high waistline this year which make your legs look long and sleek; a must have this season and leather skirts in every length and cut are in stores now. They are warm, slimming and go with absolutely everything! I am a strong advocate of this chic trend.
Designers love to reference past years and this year is no different. A seventies vibe is alive and well with fabulous fun prints. They are a knockout in stores, all in rich shades of burgundy, a mix of blue and green that is really a dark turquoise, mustard paired with grey, and other interesting combinations. Prints are eclectic and artistic with a light-hearted touch. A lot of women are afraid to wear prints, but this is the year to try them on! Prints can camouflage perceived figure flaws and bring out your personality. My favorite print combination is a dark background floral. Elegant in a dress and classy in a long skirt, these feminine prints are pure flattery. Tall boots are still the rage this year and make every outfit look chic and sophisticated.
This is the year to be a wild thing. Although I consider it a classic, animal print gained its most popularity in the 80’s. This year may surpass that. In virtually every store, there was animal print galore. I am rejoicing as this is one of my favorite patterns. The usual leopard is popular of course, but there is also tiger, snake and various other patterns that mix in animal prints along with others. Needless to say, keeping it simple is the key when wearing an animal print. For example, with an animal print coat or jacket, wear a tailored white blouse along with your favorite denim jean, or really play it safe with all black under your coat or paired with any animal print. Still bashful of this trend? Top your solids with an animal print scarf. No need to worry about matching any color. Animal print goes with everything. It looks trendier worn with red, denim, or any blues or greens. There is nothing chicer and more fun than an animal print shoe. You will find them in flats, mules and boots. These would be perfect to wear with your black matrix leather pants!
Tweed and plaid are staples every fall and this one is no different. In every store you will find plaids done in interested new color combinations. Menswear inspired houndstooth and pinstripe are timeless favorites. There is one style trend I noticed that I want to pass on to you. If you are wearing a classically styled shirt, add a little femininity to it by tucking in the front and leaving the back tail out. If you have a tailored basic belt with an interesting buckle, you can show it off this way also. Worn this way, looks particularly stylish, and it shows off your waistline and looks more polished than wearing it completely untucked. There are also carry over trends from last year that designers and customers can’t seem to live without. The interesting sleeve is still very much a part of 2018 trends, along with velvet. Lace and insets of lace are still in vogue, pair lace with jeans for a modern look, no need to save it for a special occasion. Multi-level skirt lengths are still the rage, mostly shorter in front and longer in the back. Tame this look with those tall boots you purchased last year.
After my ultimate shopping trip, I was pleasantly surprised what was offered in the stores throughout the Midwest and the South. There was a fresh look about the fall styles the buyers have chosen but still a comfortable familiarity. There is definitely something for everyone this year, no matter your size or your age. So, my advice is to go shopping and enjoy the fabulous feeling of a new trendy