Holly’s Fashion News


The Holidays are approaching quickly and although our priorities may have changed, we still want to look special. The fashion landscape has changed during our stay more at home days. Our looks are more casual even around the Holidays as we probably do not plan to attend many dressy events. Our priorities will be comfort and casualness, but still special-ness!

We can make the most basic outfit Holiday ready by just keeping it simple. Bring out those newly purchased high waist stretch jeans or pant in fashions favorite color, black and top it with a festive sparkly sequin top. All over sequins are quite the rage this year and are sure to make you feel in a party mood. Keeping with a neutral color brings this sparkly look into the realm of good taste. Try silver, white, copper or beige for an expensive chic look. To accessorize this look, keep the jewelry simple adding a boot with a small heel if you are going out or ballet flats for the comfy at home casual vibe.

A fun touch to add during the Holidays that makes you look party ready, is red lipstick. It especially adds a bit of glamour. There is a red for everyone, you just need to find it! Another simple, casual way to say Holiday with black pants is to add a white blouse made of a fabric that has a shine. To this, you can add a more glamourous dangle earring. Simple yet effective. If you are a very tailored person, you can wear that tailored white blouse you have been wearing to work. Just unbutton the first few buttons and add a pretty camisole peeking out. It’s a little sexy and a fun way to give a party vibe to the simplest of outfits. This time of year, it is also fun to break out some of your statement jewelry we have hidden away. A statement necklace with a plain white shirt and camisole would look chic and sophisticated.

Another way to look special and be ultra-comfortable is the midi-length sweater dress. Nothing looks more elegant and slimming than a long column of black. Just make sure the fit is correct, it should skim over your curves, not cling. Go ahead and size up to create a body skimming fit.  Make sure it is a super soft fabric that stretches. There is a large selection of sweater dresses in stores and online right now. Find one that is as comfy as curling up in a big chair in your robe. You will wear it everywhere. Simple to dress up with great jewelry or a big belt, the sweater dress is a great addition to every wardrobe.

Often, we want to choose just the simple jeans and sweater. This is the year to invest in a couple of new fashion forward looking sweaters. I love the new puffy shoulder, it adds femininity, looks modern, and is flattering, creating a shoulder definition. Keep the design simple with a basic crew or mock turtleneck, letting the puff shoulder be the star. To this simple outfit add some Holiday earrings or how about some dangle stars? Stars are a fun motif for the Holidays and so on trend this year.

I adore the classic neutral fashions this year. Nothing looks classier or more elegant. But sometimes the Holidays call for color! Especially red! If you are not a red person, choose any of the beautiful jewel tones of royal blue, emerald or Purple. These colors will shout “Happy Holidays”! If you are not used to wearing color, this is the time to dip your toe in the water. A top, sweater, blouse, jacket, or dress would be a smashing addition in any of the jewel tones. Just remember to keep the rest simple so the brilliant color is the focus. When daring to wear bright colors, you must keep all accessories in neutral tones.

Another way to stand out at your Holiday Party is to wear winter white! An elegant all white outfit will stand out in a sea of black. You can make it casual with jeans, a sweater or dress it up a bit with a white wool blazer. Even when dressing casually, winter white looks so chic and elegant.

Let’s enjoy the wonderful world around us as we welcome the Holiday season but not forget to take a moment to relax and enjoy those special moments rather than rushing about until you’re exhausted. Take some time to make yourself feel special. Our families and friends will still enjoy us even if everything is not perfect. Planning is key. We know we are happiest when we know we look good, feel confident and are in control. Happy Holidays!


Holly has been in the fashion industry for 30 years as a visual merchandiser, boutique 

store owner and regular TV personality on fashion. 

She is the owner of Maxx Models & Talent