Thank you again for the fun photo shoot last night! You, your staff, and your photographer were awesome, and Cadence had fun! When we left, she said “I want to do that again!”. She is excited at the possibilities that might come her way. So thank you for the opportunity to join so last minute!!
Thanks again!!

Kimberly Radcliff , 2019


I just wanted to reach out and express my appreciation for how well the photo shoot went with not only my daughter Ariel, but the shoot itself.

When I was a teenager I modeled for a brief time. No one ever took as much interest in helping with posing, coaching, and encouragement.

I also was astounded at seeing my daughter have confidence. She was able to take direction. I loved how effortless she made it look with the posses you had her do. It was a great experience.

Sarah Coulter | divvyDOSE
Operations Trainer, Training Team

sarah.coulter@divvyDOSE.com        2021



Woooooow Holly you have no idea how happy your email just made me! 🙂 Thank you so much for your support! Without you that would’ve never been possible!

—Erich :) 2015

Sydney RAVED about you, the class, and what she learned the entire way home tonight! And then it didn’t stop for 30 more minutes after we were home. She also told me about a few of the pearls of wisdom you imparted to the group about positively representing themselves to others and the kinds of consequences they can expect if they don’t. She heard you. Yay!!! …you inspired my 12 year old daughter in so many ways in just one class tonight. That is such an awesome gift for her… but also for me as her parent!

—Rosana Nelson, Rock Island, Illinois, 2013

…Not just opportunities to model but things such as character building, poise, speaking publicly…! Looking forward to March classes and may I add a personal “Thank You Holly” for encouraging me years ago to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m a little slower than I’d like to be, but perhaps I have momentum going now. Thank you for the work you do in this world to empower women to believe in themselves. What a great gift you give!

—Kelly Wassell, Port Byron, Illinois, 2013

Holly has become a master of her craft through her years of experience in the industry. She wants everyone to be the best we can become, and in her special ways she teaches us. I have enjoyed her classes. We come together for different aspects of career or self improvement but work together for our own goals. Her classes are a must for those who desire their inner best.

—Laura Evans, Davenport, Iowa, 2013

Yesterday’s experience was ABSOLUTELY amazing. Girls had SO much fun with Joei & the WHOLE crew & actors were amazing to spend the entire day with! …it only worked as you had been SO kind & nice to not only reply back to my emails so quickly but tried your best to adjust the hours for me because of my Anniversary on the same day!! We made new friends & now already in contact with Joei’s family & all other actors on fb. We all worked the entire day, just like a nice big family. Not even the little ones complained about retaking some shots a few times! In fact, they had a blast 🙂 This is our first ever time to work with you since we last met and I must say that you’re amazing Holly. It was a VERY nice first experience working with you! I’m definitely not just saying it, keeping in mind for the future opportunities from you, but honestly, I mean it! Any time you need any of us, we would love to work with you, if we’ll be available 🙂 Thank you so much once again for giving us the best ever experience so far I had!

—Samia S. Des Moines, Iowa 2015