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Summer Brings Us Fashion Blessings

For The Best You This Summer!

We’ve waited patiently, or maybe not so patiently, for the warm summer sun on our faces and the smell of flowers. Just seeing everything turn green makes us happy! Speaking of green, that is a fashion forward color for 2023!  Those who live in a location that is seasonless cannot appreciate the euphoria that captures the Midwest in Spring. Fashion is one of the fun facets of a new season. Let’s get ready for warm summer days! We can’t all afford designer labels but ready to wear takes the cue from them to choose what they feel are mainstream wearable trends. Top designer trends will trickle down to  market collections and eventually into our closets.

One of the biggest color trends this summer will be all intonations of purple. From pale lilac to deep purple, this is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. It looks so fresh this season and works together in different tones for a gorgeous monochromatic color scheme. These hues can remain in your closet throughout 2023 as purple and lilac hues are set to remain popular all four seasons. Also leaning in on the purple craze is baby blue, sometimes with a hint of lavender. Fresh and stunning, baby blue looks wonderful for summer. Nothing says summer more than sunshine, so why not dress in it? This season ushers in significant amounts of yellow tones welcoming rising temperatures. Do you think you can’t wear yellow? Try a pale version of the sunshine color that is most flattering to every skin tone. Another alternate idea is to try yellow and white stripes for an easier way to wear the trend. This cheery shade is bound to put a spring bounce in your step. Last year’s runways were all about “Barbie Pink”. With pink tones  still going strong, my personal favorite is fuchsia. This will make you standout in any crowd but paler tones and those mixed with peach are beautiful additions to the pink craze.

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” This is one of the most popular fashion quotes of all time, but when it comes to spring and summer prints. Florals are always a happy choice. Perfect for a summer wedding, florals are a very personal choice, but when you find the one that’s right for you, it’s  dopamine dressing at it’s finest. Forget the ditsy small prints shown last spring and go for large-scale bold prints for 2023. An all-over bold print is sometimes hard to wear so try a flowy skirt or a dress with very simple lines.

Fabrics for summer are moving toward more non-synthetic natural weaves. Soft washed cotton, lightweight silk, and linen are the coolest fabrics for summer and on trend.  Polyester and rayon tend to keep heat in and cling to your body. Blends of both natural and polyester fibers work well also as the poly helps with the wrinkle factor. Always remember to check the fabric content before purchasing. If it contains no natural fibers, you know what to expect.

Silhouettes for summer are largely loose and airy allowing air to circulate. The cargo pant will be a fun addition to your summer wardrobe. We haven’t seen these since the 90’s but we always loved those pockets! We have a long term fascination with pockets, as they always seem like a bonus when we find them. The cargo pant this time around is softer, with less bulky pockets and is a cool replacement for your jeans but just as versatile. Light weight denim will be on the fashion mainstream with denim skirts, dresses, jackets & tops. One of the top denim trends is to wear it all at once! No need to match washes. Try a denim shirt, summer weight jeans and top it with a denim jacket. Try it on! You may love it.

Sharp matching suiting is a sleek, professional look to love. This season suiting is uber relaxed with an oversized blazer and loose fitting pant in glorious summer colors. If your jacket has the right cut, you can wear it as the runway models do, with no blouse underneath. If you can’t be that daring,  try a silky camisole underneath for a bit of soft sexiness.  A summer suit offers a plethora of outfit opportunities that will be fun to experiment with.

What are the hot trends you really must have this summer? Here are my picks.

  1. Anything purple, lilac or baby blue
  2. A bright floral print piece
  3. A cargo style pant
  4. A silky blouse
  5. A loose-fitting suit in summer color

Pull together a capsule wardrobe for this summer, then add some of your favorite basics from previous years keeping current trends in mind. Then, get out there and enjoy the sunshine!