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Everything is Coming up Roses!

Wearable Fashion Trends for Spring 2024

Spring fashion for 2024 has a trend for everyone. The use of the word “trend” is something that makes you think it is temporary, however this year’s “trends” are classic and timeless. You can pick the look that most matches your personality or mix your style to fit your various moods and occasions. Last year you probably heard all about “Barbiecore” as a major trend force. “Barbiecore” is not fashionable for everyone and thankfully its look has been pared down this year to “Girlcore”.  While still feminine, this movement is about romance with a touch of whimsy. Soft flowy fabrics, features like bows or ruffles along with a soft pink palette are more wearable than the exaggerated “Barbiecore” theme of the past year.

One of my favorites this year is the elevated basics trend. This is a great look for absolutely everyone and for all ages. Sometimes when we think of basics, we assume they will be boring. Think about upgrading your basics to include functionality along with style. Well chosen basics are not only timeless but can be a statement themselves of understated elegance. Time to clean out your closet and upgrade your white tees, tailored white shirts, black and white pants, along with your other basics in neutral tones. Basics worn together can be sophisticated and elegant with a look of style all while remaining effortless. For a little touch of luxury add gold jewelry.

Use black and white as your color combination this year. It is always elegant when worn in tandem or as a monochromatic ensemble. The freshness of white will be enormously popular throughout Spring and Summer. White dresses and complete monochromatic white outfits look new and summery for 2024. You don’t have to relegate your black pieces to the back of the closet. Designers are complimenting white with black as an unexpected and prominent choice combo as the weather warms up.


But, what about florals, you ask.  Fashion has not forgotten them.  One flower in particular has taken the runways by storm. A single oversized red rose was shown on dresses, tops, and jackets. The rose was also worked into patterns and three-dimensional embellishments. Quite dynamic is a black and white dress featuring one large red rose on the front. If you want to purchase a new spring floral dress, skirt or top, look for a garment featuring the rose, for the ultimate 2024 trendiness. A symbol of love, the rose will be a well-loved favorite trending forward.

Matching suits for women are back in a big way for corporate America and beyond. It’s part of a modern 90’s redux that designers have been flirting with for the past few years. Important this year is the vest for women. Vests can be worn in so many ways. Their versatility is endless. Button the vest up and wear it alone with jeans. Wear it layered with a white tee underneath for a casual look. Top it over a silk blouse for a bit of elegance or wear it with your suit as intended. Suits and vests send a power statement. Preppy looks are also resurging in a big way and mix well with the suited corporate revival movement. Break out that polo shirt, cardigan, or striped button-up and add these to your repertoire for a great mix of polished business casual.

Accessories are all important especially this year with the elevated basics look. Gold is the summer standard with large earrings being the focus. Other comeback kids are kitten heels, the peplum, and capri pants. Capri’s are tricky to choose. They must be the correct length for your body.  Have them tailored if you need to adjust the length for maximum flattery.  I can certainly get behind the kitten heel. Finally, a feminine dressy shoe that won’t kill your feet! Oversized bags are back again just when everyone got on the tiny cross body bag wagon. A good solution is to just carry your tiny bag in your huge one so you can switch it up easily when the occasion calls for it. The peplum look can be very flattering but go lightly on this trend as it may not be as popular next season. Other fun trends this year will be metallics, shiny fabrics and sequins worn in the daytime. A fun, playful look to mix for your Hi-Low dressing. Hi-low dressing is mixing some high-end pieces with low end pieces along with mixing dressier pieces with your more casual. This does take some experimentation but can result in some stylish one-of-a-kind ensembles.

Most importantly, make sure your outfits make you look and feel good when wearing them. Everything’s coming up roses will be your confident smile to welcome Spring!